• 03-26-2011
    Rocky Mountain Element 10 Bike 2010
    Hi there

    Looking for your thoughts on the following - need to get a bike

    1) Budget: about 1200 euro / approx $1600

    2) Considering :
    Rocky Mountain Element 10 Bike 2010 Full Susp
    Cube Reaction Hardtail

    3) type of riding do you intend to do? Cross country

    4) Do you have a preference over a hardtail or full suspension? No

    5) Age, weight and height. 33/ 10.5 / 5'7inches
    6) What sources will you consider buying from? Internet / First / second hard = must ship to Ireland

    7) Do you want people to offer you alternative suggestions to issues such as budget, bikes already considered, and sources? Yes

    So many bikes, difficult to know, any ideas welcomed!
  • 03-27-2011
    Either of those should serve you well. If the majority of your riding is smooth trails and dirt roads, the hardtail would be a better choice. Fs for mostly rougher trails.
  • 03-27-2011
    I have an element that I've had since 1998. It's still going strong!

    I recently added this to the collection, so the old Element will just be my loaner bike from now on:

    I don't know anything about the Cube, but RM makes some solid bikes.