Considering this bike for my just turned four year old who is just getting into BMX. Thinking the bike could double as a transitional BMX bike and a ride around the house in the sand/clay around town too.

I'm trying to decide between it and the Haro Mirra 360 or Nyquist which I've gotten some great feedback on. I THINK the cromo Haros are much heavier because the redline has aluminum frame although I haven't been able to find the weight.

Sure would appreciate it if some of you knowledgable bike guys could check out this link and tell me what you think. For whatever reason, I can't get you directly to the bike link but it's under the "bmx bikes", then "proline heading", then "pitboss".

It's the 05 redline pitboss with alminum frame. They are grouping it with the BMX race bikes so it's got me curious. Frame geometry of this bike (only have 03 specs so could be very different) is 25" vs 30" for the Haro Mirra and Nyquist..
For comparison purposes, his 12" hot rock has a 23.5" wheelbase.
The bike ain't cheap so I'm wondering what the deal is.
Would you consider it over the heavier Haro jumping bikes for a 4 year old if you had another boy that would grow into it when the older one was ready for a mini? Blah, Blah, Blah.

Interested in +'s and -'s of the bike recognizing that I'm pretty much bike illiterate.
Note: the beginnings of this thread originated in "16" vs 20" bike (or something along thos lines) in this forum.