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    question about thru axle on Trek Stache hardtail

    Hey all,

    A couple weeks ago I purchased a Stache hardtail and I am loving it.

    My question is that on the last ride for whatever reason I noticed after getting back to my house the thru axle QR lever was not tightened down, and either was loosened at some point or possibly even from the LBS. I noticed it because I could hear/feel jiggling in the rear end. I have tightened it down and still feel like there is some play and a very slight noise when I take the rear wheel and move it side to side while holding the frame.

    Is is possible I damaged anything with the frame by riding with the thru axle loose for one ride?

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    Did you ever find out what the problem was? I have the same problem and I'm taking mine to the shop tomorrow. I have heard that it may just be a cheap axle or a frame alignment problem.

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