Is it me or have prices of bikes catapulted? Some say that technology has also catapulted but I recall in 2000 or so, I bought a hardtail s-works, m4, xtr, SID fork etc., For then, it was $2000 all-in (Canadian, when our dollar was .60 to the USD). I got a supreme bike, high-end, and light.

Now I go to a bike shop and look and see that $2000 won't get me jack barely> At least not comparable to that s-works.

Long story short, I crashed hard last year and sold my ride - Kona kula supreme - and now I've recovered and want to re-enter the sport.

So - how have prices reached the $10,000 atmosphere? What common folk can afford $5000 for a bike? I know there's lots of rich people out there, and some who save here and spend there, I get it, but it seems like prices have gone up more than I recall in the past.

Sure, advances in technology cost a lot, and there have been some good ones, but I'm not comparing prices from the 80s or 90s, the 2000 bikes were also rather advanced for what they were then.