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    Pedal strikes and chainring/bashguard strikes = frame damage?

    I wonder how many frame designers take such impacts into consideration when optimizing frame strength. Breaks happening around the BB and chainstay bridge area seem a bit too common on racy bikes that seem to have been FEA optimized and all.

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    I think most if not all, especially carbon frame. It's still inevitable for a carbon frame on the skinny to have a significant BB damage when falling or slipping off the skinny. To be fair, alu BB area may not survive as well. I know of a few that do omidirection layer around the BB area.

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    Was wondering more on the lines of, do these manufacturers do such additional testing on specific test rigs. I know they have various other destructive tests, like ultimate strength of the headtube/front-end and fatigue tests, as required by various safety standards (CEN, ISO, ASTM, CPSC, etc.), but I wonder if they add any other tests such as this, to more thoroughly test their designs' toughness and reliability, particularly for carbon frames.

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