I'm fairly new to XC and I love to ride single track, but I only get to about once every two weeks, the 2 and 4 year old have a hard time keeping up on the single track.

I ride in the Chicago area at Bull Frog lake, which is at times both dry and wet. My current bike is a 2000 Raleigh M80 that I've had fun beating the hell out of. I'm getting a little older, 42, so I'm getting a little more cautious. I'm about 152 lbs at about 5'7" and I've never had trouble slowing down even with Raleigh brakes, probably because I rarely use them . The hardest thing for me is climbing.

The difference in weight between the NRS and others is about 3 lbs so the others have the weight advantage.

Or does anyone think upgrading my current rims, tires, maybe forks and drivetrain would be more cost effective?

Then there's the question about brakes; disk or V??????/