Hey guys, need some advice picking out my new hard-tail. I'm considering the Norco Manik or the Brodie Holeshot, or if the next paycheque isn't as big as I expect, then the next models down, the Brodie Hellion and the Norco Sasquatch. the brodie holeshot is supposedly lighter by a few lbs which would help with climbs, but I hear nothing but good things about norco.

As per the sticky guidelines:

1. (Budget) - $1200 - $1800 depending on paycheque
2. (Bikes) - Brodie hardass series http://www.brodiebikes.com/2009/bikes/hardass.php or the Norco Freeride HT series http://www.brodiebikes.com/2009/bikes/hardass.php but I am open to other suggestions as well.
3. (Riding Type) - I've been riding a cheap $600 Giant Yukon since 2003/2004 and doing cross country and small drops and urban on it but it has definitely reached the end of its life and I want to move into more aggressive riding. I still want the bike to be able to climb with my buddies but I want to have no worries about my bike going off several feet of air or handling rocky descents. I find that XC style geometry has me hunched over and less comfortable and I'd always find myself lowering the seat down on any XC bikes I rode.
4. (Hardtail vs. Full suspension) - Definitely hardtail as I don't have the budget to get a high quality component set on a full suspension bike, and full-sus is too heavy for good climbs.
5. (Age, weight, height) - I am 21 male but only about 150lbs and 5'5" - 5'6"
6. (Resources to buy from) - I'd prefer to buy new from a LBS but am open to other possibilities, such as a lightly used 2008 manik.
7. (Suggestions) - Open to suggestions

thanks a lot guys,

Cheers ,