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    Norco Fluid lt 3 or Spec. Pitch Pro??

    I'm currently looking for a solid All mountain bike (I live for the descent...but I'm usually getting up there on my own so i need to be able to climb). Initially i was looking at the Pitch comp, $1900 seemed like a great deal, but I've read reviews that said it's smarter to put in the extra cash and opt for the pro...but if i was going to spend $2300 on a bike this opened up other options, such as the norco fluid. I have found many good reviews on the pitch but i haven't really been able to find much on the Fluid lt 3 2008. Can anyone give me some advice on what might be the best option? The norco seems to have more front susp. travel, but i think the shocks on the pitch may have more settings. I've also read the rear shock on the fluid (Fox DHX-AIR 3.0) may have a problem with getting stuck down...I don't know if this would be a problem with me as I'm a small/light guy.

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated, I've also taken a look at the rocky mountain slayer sxc 30 (can't find pricing but i think it's above my price range), and the norco six three(i think this bike might be too burly for uphill rides).


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    I've ridden both bikes and reviewed both of them:

    Fluid LT3

    Specialized Pitch Pro

    Both bikes are great all-around trailbikes, but each has some drawbacks. I haven't ridden them side-by-side (I rode the Pitch last fall and have the Fluid LT3 currently), so it's hard to do direct comparisons, but here are some thoughts.

    • The Pitch seems to be more on the XC-ish side compared to the LT3
    • The LT3 isn't as capable of a climber as the Pitch
    • Both are horst links... they will both perform well under all conditions
    • I don't know the spec on the Pitch Comp, but the Pitch Pro seems fairly solid... maybe a hair better than the LT3
    • The Marzocchi 55R is great going down, but it lacks travel adjustment, so it does wander on tight, steep stuff
    • Norco's are less common here in the States... and they are great bikes.

    It's all subjective... but, both bikes are capable and should be fun all-around bikes.

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    Thanks, i appreciate the info! I actually just picked up the fluid lt3 a day ago but it's good to hear it would have been a safe bet to go either way! I'm a bit worried that the lack of shock adjustment and weight might give me some issues on ascents, but I'm hoping the bikes performance on decents will make up for it. I can't weight to get the bike out on the trails!

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    Hi gothMogs_Fury,

    would you post your impressions on your new bike??
    it would be great!

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    Here's a link to a review of the Fluid LT1 and 2.

    I personally ride a regular fluid and have nothing but good things to say about the bike.

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