I am really enjoying riding my bike more and I am ready to go to the next level, I am an odd ride style and size. Here is what I have built, RH 26 XXL with Sun MTX 29er Rims, Hope Pro Hubs and 40 CM tires.

It works really good for what I do which is road ride 90% of the time and throw in obstacles like light jumping of stairs and curbs and climbing small gangs of steps. I take short cuts everywhere I go and do all this at high speed for a bike like 20 to 30 MPH. I came off a CR 500 and I am 6 foot 4 and 285.

I am fast for how big I am, here are my problems. I have the bike setup as a comfort XC urban attack bike. I want to go back to the regular size tires but cannot with the 29er wheel set. It will not fit my RH 26 frame and fork.

Here is what I want to do and some input would be great, the bike works GREAT the way it is but I want to jump more and attack more stairs and the like and the small tires create a problem doing this.

I was going to dump the shock fork and mount a Rigid fork so I can run a big tire on the 29 rim and lower the front a little bit for handling, I will have more tire for hitting stuff up front and then I was going to mount a 27.5 in rear with a full size tire and I think this will make it to where I can hit obstacles better because of the bigger tires?

I need a 9 inch steering tube on the fork and it seems to be hard to find in 29 configuration?

How much ride comfort will I give up dumping the shock fork?

I am also wondering if I am asking to get hurt using a production bike to do this, like in will I break it and get hurt?

Do need a custom bike or is a RH tough enough?

Thanks for any help.