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    more travel from my ross-country FS mountain bike?

    Before I ask this somewhat silly question, I want to let you all know that 'Look for another bike!' is the answer.
    OK, I have been riding by 6-7 yr old USA made Titus Racer X, and love it.
    The bike has 80mm of travel.
    Recently I feel I may have aged into needing more travel. Can you folks on the forum give any advice for getting this bike to have greater suspension travel? Obviously a longer travel fork would be needed, and I thought I might be able to find someone (Push maybe) who could re-fab a portion of the rear triangle, etc.
    These ideas usually end up with a good amount of compromise and expense but thought I'd ask.
    Thanks in advance and have a great day.
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    Well push is a good call, not for more travel but plush travel, then up the travel in the front to 100-110mm travel. Your RX is just one before the 100mm one. I have the newer version and it's b!tchen, I wouldn't change it either.

    The only problem with short suspension is you have to pick either firm or plush travel, you can't really have both, push may help a bit but I wouldn't hold my breath getting both firm and plush out off 80mm travel, once you up in 130-150mm you can enjoy both. I pushed mine and it's great, I was not interested in firm XC only plush, and I got to work on my pedaling. Never used the ProPedal.

    Double check your eye to eye and stroke on your RX, you may be able to get a bit longer one that would give you a bit more travel but from my experience it's already tight as it is any longer you'd start getting tire rub on the frame, and the purists would say that it alters the geometry as well. I'm not sure if that's a bad thing, the old school XC geometry is not my cup of tea

    I also like the rear triangle idea, it may work. Check with Titus you may be able to get the newer rear triangle, new shock to make it a legit 100mm. Not a cheap way to go though. I had a few Fox 80 but I don't think that you can make it any longer travel, unlike the Rockshox, I went from 100 to 115 on my Sid WC 100. Again check with Fox, you may get lucky.

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