Hi all, I'm thinking about picking up a new hardtail bike to upgrade from my old steel Specialized Hardrock. While I was initially looking at a low-end Stumpjumper, it's a bit too far out of my budget, and I've stumbled upon some other options that sound very promising:



Essentially, I'm deciding between a carbon fiber hardtail (the BMC TE01) or an aluminum 29er (Sette Razzo 2.0). They have very comparable kit, and both look like amazing deals. I'm a little nervous about the carbon fiber's longevity/durability, although my gut tells me that the frame quality and kit details will be better on the BMC.

So, what do you think about these two bikes, for a 6'2" 200lbs cross country rider? A friend has recommended BikesDirect, although I've heard sketchy things about the kit details. Are there any other good options in a similar price point (around $1400) I might have missed?