Hey all,

I've been riding on my front suspension Schwinn S9 six since I received it as a graduation gift (8th grade - Back in the mid 90's). I have beat the heck out of it and really loved having it. However, the bike is basically junk at this point. Too much abuse over the years.

I'm in the market for a new bike. I just purchased a house and have 4 vehicles, so my budget is low. This is what I need:

Max budget: $500.
Suspension: At least front suspension
Brakes: Discs
Type of riding: Mainly gravel/dirt/paved trails, mostly flat (my fiance likes to ride, but nothing crazy)

Obviously good derailleurs, shifters, etc. are needed. I also want to purchase a VERY comfy seat for my 6'4", 215 lb ass lol. Any recommendations on that are appreciated as well!

I don't mind purchasing used, but would prefer a new bike.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!