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    Looking for a bike that will last me till pro!

    My girlfriend currently rides a 2012 Trek Lush 26r and is looking for a new bike. With all the brands having their own perks, how do you know what's the best bang for your buck. Trek, Giant, Specialized, Scott, Ghost, etc. it's hard to know what's good and why. We do intermediate blue to black runs and mostly xc or all mountain. Wanting a bike though that as she gets better, the bike still fits the need!

    Any help gladly appreciated!

    If it matters she's 5'6" and 150, strong thing

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    Giant is supposedly the largest mfger of bikes in the world. Their factories make bikes for many other brands. Usually Giant is one of the best bang for buck brands.

    Hiwever, if this is a long-term thing then consider a Juliana.

    So if you want the commitment and the brand, go Juliana. But if you go Giant or even lower for something like Diamonback or Novarro, you still have something left for a trip to Jared.

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