It all starts with a boy and his dream of a bike. But what kind of bike? Well, there's tons of options and this is where the mountain bike community comes into play. Here's some thoughts I tossed together tonight:

1. Budget: Less than 4k.
2. Iím considering the Ibis Mojo, Foes FXR, Cannondale RZ.
3. I will ride everything from flowy singletrack to all day backcountry riding (when the stamina gets thereÖ)
4. Most definitely full suspension!
5. 27, 6í3Ē, 210lbs loaded.
6. I would like to buy from the LBS but can also support online if itís a brand that is not locally available. Knolly bikes dealer is 2 hours awayÖbut two hours is doable. HellÖfour hours one way is doable for a test ride.
7. I will absolutely entertain alternate suggestions! 29er's too!

So, hereís the story: 2003 we moved to Hawaii from Korea. I picked up a Specialized Enduro. A lot has happened since then, namely Iíve started sitting up straight and my posture has gotten a lot better! I now feel like the cockpit is WAY too small for me! (Current bike size is a medium; I didn't know back then what I know now about being fitted and 'jus eyeballin' it...) Fast forward two months where Iím taking a little vacation to a hostile environment. When I get back, Iím picking up a welcome back present. Thatís where everybodyís thoughts and suggestions come into play.

Iím intrigued with the Ibis Mojo and drooled over one the other in the LBS. Beautiful bike! Iím going to demo it soon ($100/day) but I think itís worth it!

Iím looking at less than 6 inches since I donít think Iíll ever use more and I canít have a bike bigger than myÖnever mind.

Iíve done some research in the MTBR reviews and lurked in the manufacturer forums for awhile but I feel like now is the time to start demoing some rides!

If youíve got any off the wall brands, Iíll look into them! Just so long as itís an efficient bike going up and down. Iím spoiled by the cushinessÖlooking at Klunkerz, I donít know how I can complain! ;p