Hey there,

Been browsing for a new frame recently, I have an "old" 21" 2000 Schwinn Moab 1 HT and I'm looking into getting a new HT, one with disc tabs

This caught my eye because of the price and weight compared to more expensive carbon frames..


For 1k and @ 2.4lbs, can't argue with that. Anyone have opinions on that or any other suggestions for a nice XC Racing bike?

I've looked at:

Yeti Arc -$750
Santa Cruz Chameleon - $600
Specilized S-Works Stumpjumper HT - $2.2k...hmm too price
Giant XTC Advance - $1750..yeah too much
Felt Six RACE - $900

Jamis? Fuji?

I briefly looked at manufactures outside the US but I figured getting service and parts would be a PITA and figured I wouldn't bother unless there was some smoking deal.

I even saw some "no named" carbon frame on ebay for $350 bucks, crazy

Just some info...Anything 1k or less would be nice! I'm 25, 6'3" and weigh 185lbs and I would probably by from a LBS. I'm into XC Racing a lot and I want a HT, carbon would be nice but aluminum is cool too.