so which one do you think is a better full suspension bike?

2002 KHS FXT Rage:

1999 GT XCR-3000 with I-Drive: (click the 2000 for a picture)

basically, i have no idea what the heck the I-drive is. On the other hand, I was told that the FXT has a pseudo-4-bar linkage system.

which would you prefer and why?

typical responses:
i like(hate) the i-drive because of (name these features)
the pseudo-4-bar link system is (name the feature)

both bikes weigh about the same, but the GT is a bit heavier.
my main usage for commuting to and from school (7-9 miles one way)
it will also be my weekend warrior (trying to get into mtb'ing as I'm a motorcycle rider already)

neither bike has disc brakes (an option better suited for muddy/watery conditions)
but they can both be upgrade.