Hi guys..

so here it is..really hope to get some advice.

close friend of mine hopes to buy a hardtail frame or maybe purchase the whole bike as it is for amateur xc racing.he is new into the sport but would not wanna buy a lousy frame/bike to rocket start his commitment into biking.

Would also like the best bang for the buck if he chooses the bike as a whole. They all cost around the same price in the place i stay. Which is in the region of $2000 usd each for the whole bike.

The cortez

specs of bike here

The Marin indian fire

specs here

The F2

specs here

Would like to know which bike is also more suited for amateur cross country racing as well.

i also realised only the marin is hydrofoamed frame. Is that a superior technology in frame building? cos the cannondale and cortez isn't hydrofoamed.

thks guys for helping out