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    HT frame for parts off '01 SC Bullit?

    Sorry for the impending dumb questions. I'm out of touch with bike tech the last decade or more I'm shopping for a new FS bike so I want to build a hardtail commuter bike with the parts I have on my existing 2001 Santa Cruz Bullit.

    Does anyone have suggestions for a 26 inch hardtail frame that would work with the big fork and have mounts for Hayes disk brake? Have the brake mounts changed since 2001? How about dimensions of BB and headsets? Thanks!

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    The only really easy thing to come across in your list is a 26" frame with disc mounts. Depending on the fork you have (and I suspect it's a beefy long travel fork) you might have a harder time finding a frame to fit it. BB and headset standards depend on the new frame you buy and what you have what you have currently might not work.

    Post up a complete spec of your 01 Bullit and folks should be able to give some advice.

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    The big issue with items from your '01 Bullit, are gonna be seatpost(nobody uses 28.6 post anymore).

    Otherwise IS brake mounts on the frame are the same....some newer frames have gone to post mount, but mostly in carbon.

    BB should be the same.....your 68/73mm BB should work with any of the newer frames, as long it they still use a threaded BB. Lots of newer frames have moved onto Press Fit bearings.

    '01 Bullit could be running anywhere from 130-200mm fork travel. If 130-150mm fork, shouldn't be too hard. Over that, and HT's are not really designed for it.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I was looking for my original receipt over the weekend to get the complete list of the build. If I find it, I will post.

    I'm now considering an alternate plan of a lockable shock and just beating this bike to pulp as a commuter and park bike

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