I'm thinking of upgrading my Hardtail bike frame. I currently ride a Schwinn Moab 3 with STX-RC components. It's a 17'' frame, and while it fight pretty well, i'd like to go down to a 16''. The 17'' is on the slightly big side (I'm 5'10'')

What's a comparable frame to the Schwinn Moab in the $200-400(us or cdn) range?

I've been considering a 2001-2002 15'' Homegrown, but i'd like to know what else i should look at. Preference is towards 7000series Aluminum. (Will consider a 6000series or Steel)
I want something that can handle rough ****, cause while i'm not a hard rider, i do have moments where a strong frame comes in handy (the Moab3 has remarkably stood up well)

I would consider myself an intermediate rider, novice-racer, and my experience is limited to Scwhinn Moab, Klein Mantra and Attitude, Spec. FSR, GT Zaskar, GT I-drive, Planet X Bommer, and a Brodie DS bike.