Looking for help with an ongoing Adventure Race bike build. Bike will be used for some light single tract but more double track, dirt road and some real road riding. Needs to be comfortable as the 150 miles or so of bike (over three days), will be combined with 50 miles of running, 50 miles of paddling and very little, if any sleep.

Current build looking like

Trek 8500 (26") Frame
1 x 9 deore XT
Origin8 CroMo fork (suspension adjusted for 26, or 29)
OnOne Midge Bars w long, high angle stem and bar end shifter
V brakes front/back
Carbon fiber seat post
26" Rear wheel
26" or 700c front wheels
2.1 Exiwolf tires (tubeless)

I've tried it w 26" and 700c front wheels and am leaning towards the 29er front wheel - it doesn't change the geometry much w the fork and the changes are in a direction I like for the bike's primary purpose.

V Brakes over disc as they stop as well (except in mud), they weigh a lot less (frame requires a 200g adapter to convert 22mm chainstay caliper mounts to IS)

Midge bars cause I like drops and need the hand positions for longis bike segments.

Rigid front cause I like it better and this isnlt for the real rough stuff.

Soliciting comments and suggestions for improvement (considering its special purpose) and one question... Current 2.1 tires are wider than I'd like, but I got 'em. considering the road and dirt road miles, how significant would the difference in speed and rolling resistance be with 1.9s?


Like many of you, I don't want a pro/con 69er flame war...