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    New question here. Giant Trance 2 or Trek Remedy 27.5 8?

    I have been riding a 29er hardtail for about a year now and want to upgrade to a dual suspension. I do lots of all-mountain and some light down-hill. In the last 6 months I have bent both my rims beyond repair(The front on in a race and the back when I did a 1.5 meter drop). The trails I ride are quite steep with a few large drops and gap jumps. When I get a dual suspension I would like to do a bit more down-hill, it is just too hard to do on a hard tail.

    My question is: what do you think would be better for me, the Giant Trance 27.5 2 Trance 27.5 2 (2015) | Giant Bicycles / Giant Bikes | Australia
    or the Trek Remedy 27.5 8 Remedy 8 27.5 - Trek Bicycle
    They are both 140mm dual suspensions, the trek has fox floats 34's while the giant has 32's. They both have a fox float evolution rear shock, but the trek has the reactive valve. The trek is $500 more expensive than the giant but it has a better fork, drive train and brakes.


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    If you're doing all mountain and some light downhill rides you might consider looking at something slightly bigger than trail bikes. It only took me about two seasons to out grow my trance and it sounds like we have similar riding styles. As much as I like Giants, that fox 32 is is no good for anything beyond typical trail riding. If your budget allows, something like the sx trance might fit the bill, but really I would really recommend looking at bikes in the 150-160mm travel category.

    Have you considered an enduro style bike?

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    My friend has I Giant Reign 2 2015 and it feels too big and heavy, I prefer lighter bikes with less travel. As for enduro, the closest enduro tracks are about 1 hour drive away. I think I will end up going with the remedy because as you say flaot 32's are just too small. As for down-hill, I went to Bright, Australia( the hardest DH tracks in New South Whales) and did most of it on my 100mm hardtail, although I was very slow and walked a lot. I have ridden the local trails on my mums bike(I'm only 15) and I only use all 120mm of travel once or twice on the hardest tracks there.

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