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    Frame size reco for Norco 4 Hun?


    i'm 5'10", the bike will be used as a street bike, with track work and the occasional 4x race as well. Ii do not do heaps of tricks, but i want a sturdy bike that I can improve my skills on without thrashing my trailbike (Kona Dawg, 18 inch - 22.5" TT with a 100mm stem and it is a good size for trail, a bit of XC, freeride etc - a good allrounder).

    Norco offer two sizes:

    S/M: TT: 21 1/2" , Theoretical TT; 22 1/2"
    M/L: TT : 22 3/4", Theoretical TT: 24"

    I cannot see/ride both bikes. I'm in Australia, poor stock availability. I will order and then it will arrive.

    Any reco's? Thanks....

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    I'm 5'10" too, 31" inseam. a 24" TT fits me best for my style of riding. (short legs, long torso) - Norshore of Vancouver. But your style and trails may demand a shorter TT; I don't know.

    Bike sizes are all over the map now; what I did with my last order was to go by TT length and I was right on the money.

    If you get really stuck, pick the bike you want to ride, and PM me. I live in Vancouver and can get to Norco's largest dealer and sit on one. Assuming we have similar sized bodies, maybe I can assist a bit?


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