Hey folks,

Been a lurker for a while, but still can't really figure out where to post about fits, so I'm gonna post here. Anyways, It's time to retire my Stumpy Marathon 29er that's been raced and ridden to death. I bought a Chiner frame to replace it for the time being. I'm 6' and prefer riding an 18" frame and a 54" on the road, and my fit guy has me dialed in perfectly, but I can't make it up to him for a while. So, here's my question:

The geometry between the two is similar, and even though the Chinese site says there's an effective top tube difference, my measurements tell me otherwise. Measuring from the same points and angles I'm getting the exact same numbers. However, my bar sweep will be changing from 6 degrees to 5 degrees, and the stem I ordered is a 100mm instead of 105 (I thought I had a 100mm) how much will this change the fit? Will the sweep offset the 5mm or should I send the stem back when it arrives? Thanks!