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    First Bike: Crosstrail Expert vs. Response Comp 06

    My wife and I have decided to get into mountain biking.

    Usage: Gravel roads, Forest Roads, Easy to Moderate single track trails

    Finding a bike for her is easy - not for me.

    Stats: 6' 7" 195 lbs

    Budget for me: $500 - $850

    Experience: Not much, but I'm athletic and plan to take full advantage of Flagstaff, Sedona and Moab.

    I've narrowed the search (unless directed otherwise) to these two bikes:
    Specialized Crosstrail Expert 07

    Diamondback Response Comp 06

    Both seem to offer similar components and decent sized frames, with one big exception - the Specialized offers '29er' style wheels and the Diamondback 26".

    I can get the Diamondback for $500 and the Specialized for $750.

    Given the large price difference, what do you bikers suggest I get - being such a tall fellow? We won't be doing any insane jumps, but I want to be able to cruise over rocks, roots and the normal trail obstacles.

    Thank you for your expertise!

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    Hi B,
    Its great that you and your wife are getting into mountain biking. I have been trying to convince my wife to get the "fever" but even after I bought two bikes for her, she is not interested - at least not yet...I will keep on trying though...

    back to you....some observations about your choices:

    - $500-$800 is a very good budget for a nice aluminum hardtail. good start.

    - Specialized Crosstrail is not a mountain bike. its more like a touring bike. its not that you can not do basic trail riding with it. but, its designed more for will feel the difference in geometry, components and how it handles on rocks and roots.....also, the Crosstrail would not offer you much flexiblility if you want to be a bit more adventurus in, in my personal opinion, its not a good investment.

    - Diamondback Response Comp: decent components, but a heavy frame. and this bike is nothing too impressive. Although, if you can get the Response Comp for $500 that sounds like a good deal...specially when you get the SRAM X.7s and BB5 disc brakes... but a 120mm fork is way too much.....and MZ Comp is not the best fork at that price range....

    now, here are some of the options that may interest you....

    1. Specialized Rockhopper Comp may be able to convince your bike dealer to negotiate on price if you buy both bikes (for you and your wife) from them and this bike may be in you price range....

    2. Gary Fisher Tass (non disc) or Piranha disc

    3. Iron Horse Warrior Expert

    4. Kona Cinder Cone

    Finally, in terms of components, the Response Comp is probably going to be the best value for the money. If you like that frame, fork (geometry), and weight. Go for it. but, as I said there are lots of nice bikes at that price your price dont get something good, get something thats really good....or great...
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    Thanks, I'll look into those bikes.

    My main concern is being 6' 7" - would I be happier on a 29er? Perhaps I need something like the Gary Fisher Cobia instead of the Crosstrail.

    I should mention that there is a used 23" 06 Giant Yukon for $300 nearby - maybe that would be just as good as the new bikes I've been looking at?

    thoughts anyone?

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    I am 6'4" along with my brother. we are both on 21.5 in frames. My bike is a 07 Rockhopper and my brother is on an 05 Gary Fisher Tass non disk.
    If that helps you out much at all. so I thinking going to the next size up frame would be just fine for you because isn't that 23 inches and you are about 3 inches taller than both of us and the frame size difference is 1.5" which is 1/2 difference in our height so I think you would be just fine. (I am assuming that your legs are about 1.5" longer than mine and your upper body is 1.5" longer than mine.

    Also I would like to add my dad who is 6' 6" seem to fit pretty comfortable on my rockhopper as well

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