Im looking at getting an eastern traildigger 24. I have a few questions I would like answered first though.

1.)I weigh 185 pounds, and for the most part im a smooth rider, but we all land hard sometimes. Will it hold up to those hard hits, or 4-5 foot drops to flat?

2.)I HATE riding 20 inch bmx bikes. I like the handling but they just feel too small for me since im used to my xc hardtail. How much bigger is the traildigger 24 than a standard bmx bike? How about compared to a standard dj bike...lets say a P1?

3.) not that I would want to ,but im just wondering...could I put a suspension fork on it someday? or would the crown not clear the downtube?

heres s link to the bike:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Destin.