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    Buying frames from Aliexpress? Quality or crud?

    I stumbled across when searching for a Giant HT frame. They have Giant XTC frames, frames from other brands like Scott, and frames from other brands I've never heard of (Cube, etc). Does anyone know anything about this site and if they are trustworthy? How about the frames, are they any good? I'm guessing that the sellers on that site are just selling gray market frames direct from the factory, but if they are any good and at decent prices it might be worth trying to purchase.


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    I have never heard of them. But these 67 people have.

    Aliexpress reviews | Customer reviews of Aliexpress

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    Resurecting this old thread - as my feedback may be relevant to others that are looking at those frames on Ali.

    I bought one mid February, it was a total gamble, I did read all the bad reviews about Ali. Then I thought, there as to be as much bad reviews about eBay if you look for those, and if you're dumb enough to buy from a zero-feedback or a 60% positive seller, well Ali is not the issue.

    So, Feb 17th, bought a CUBE aim SL frame from this guy fof $221 shipped. CUBE is a well known German brand by the way. So, paid for the item, and waited.... Then it shipped a week or so later.... and waited..... then tracking number became active.... and waited... and it finally reached me yesterday.

    Real shipping time was actually 9 days from China using EMS/Canada Post, what took long was the processing of the order.

    And the frame is awesome, top quality.... is it legit? Who knows.... I think it is, just looking at the tube shapes, soldering and all.... if it ain't, well it's a damn good knockoff job that is still worth $221 !!!

    So in my case, it did work out pretty good (Seller: Probike)

    I bought from a 100% rated seller though that had sold 3 of this same frame already.

    Obviously if you buy a branded carbon frame for $150 you'll get screwed, DUH! As with every online shopping, you need to use a little common sense.

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    I stumbled onto this post after I was looking at some suspiciously cheap Cube frames and I would love to hear some more personal stories if anybody has one (or more) of bicycle components.

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    Aliexpress is a huge company and, like eBay, is only as reputable as the seller in question but offers various attempted protections.

    There do seem to be a larger quantity of branded goods at impossibly low prices, which may be counterfeit/knockoffs or factory rejects; who knows? I bought "Ritchey WCS Carbon" bars there for $39 a year or so ago. The labeling, shape and finish looks good but the mold looks sloppy on the inside. I have my suspicions about them but don't know and don't care because I decided I didn't like the bars anyhow (too much rise).

    I also bought a WTB Rocket V SLT seat on Aliexpress for $50; it came new in a WTB plastic bag (like an OEM seat). That seat served me well until I started to go on longer, 3+ hour rides and discovered I need a bit wider seat.

    It is hard to resist the temptation of a screaming deal but I eventually decided I would rather avoid wondering about the legitimacy of the product. When I am buying a brand for quality, I would prefer to be sure I am getting what I am paying for and a warranty, preferably supporting a LBS. For all its faults, the US legal system does make it more likely that manufacturers will protect their brands against unauthorized use, and that doesn't necessarily apply when one purchases from another country.

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    interesting.. ive bought a couple items off aliexpress recently.

    one being a The North Face brace brand packaway raincoat. Chinese sizing threw me a bit. (son scored it ! ) . seemed to be good quality .

    had a dodgy seller with some cheap fox shocks, and a "DIY" bike . but cash was quickly refunded.

    have also been looking at those cube frames for my son . but have remained unsure to date. - interested to see others impressions ??

    other similar sites include "dhgate" and "dinobuy"

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