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Thread: Breezer ?

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    Breezer ?

    Friend of mine is looking at the Breezer Repack . I guess they have been around for awhile but they are new to me. It looks just like my Camber. I think he is looking at one of the Price Point builds. Anyone have any knowlage of them? quality wise. he coming from a 2005 S Enduro 26. and has scoped almost every builder from Norco to Pivot. Should he be looking back at the bigger names. he is 6'4 and 270. so it needs to be stout. also a friend of ours at a bike shop said he should be on a coil spring rear shock with a 400lb spring..., not an air shock. but thats the first we have heard of that. any thoughts ?
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    I've never seen one in person, but it looks like a nice bike. At 270, he might be pushing the limits of an air shock. But you would be better asking about that in the Clydesdale forum.
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