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    A bit.. different?

    Now then, my new bike is finally rolling, and very pleased with it i am too. It doesn't look built for purpose, maybe a bit too 'ice cream soda' but i knew exactly what i wanted from it and it and only hit it with the pretty stick at the very last minute.

    My old bike was a hydroformed Haro frame with the expected hi-spec componentry and a downhill-esque bias with big hydraulic discs and bouncy forks etc, but it was nicked in less time than it took me to build it.
    Still, it taught me that the new owner will probably appreciate it more than i did - it wasn't really my cup of tea and had it not cost a month's wages to build i wouldn't have cared in the slightest.

    This time i wanted to make sure that i built the bike i wanted it to be.

    Here in Milton Keynes, England, we don't cycle on the roads. This town was designed and built from scratch over recent years with a seperate pedestrian/cycleway system. There are also leisure routes and bridleways. Its too hostile for road tyres but a lot of fun for daily use.

    Ive always liked the hardtail MTB, a couple of Diamond Backs i had in the 1990s were my favorites (Sorrento and Topanga) and this is what i wanted to get back to. But i wanted a chilled riding position, and comfort.

    Big balloon tarmac tyres and mudguards would be required along with a small steel frame and a wide range of gear ratios. User-friendly componentry. And at a fraction of the cost, with weight being less of an issue.

    I found a Ritchey frame (i only know it's a Ritchey because of the rather special rear dropouts) of which any information/knowledge will be welcome. It came with a pair of 650 Rigida DP22's and was set up for road use.
    So i bought a hell of a lot of new parts to transform it to the bike it is now. In fact, the only parts from the donor bike are the frame, front crank and bottom bracket, and front/rear derailleurs. I will be replacing all those too - bar the frame, which will be the only 'old' part other than the rims. oh and the DX hub shells, though i bought new Deore hubs and put the guts into the old shells after buffing them up on a lathe.

    And.. well, it's lovely! The upright riding position does make it unnerving to sling into tight, fast corners and chucking it off a flight of stairs was petrifying but it shrugs off anything i ask of it without protest - it's only really the approach i get that "are you sure..?" feedback from it.

    But i finish a 12hr shift, i cycle home, and every time i just keep going straight past my house. It's great fun whether trying to hold it around a corner on gravel, or washing it through a ford. It's gearing and tyres mean it's not for quarray work but i built it for my yard and here it always makes me smile.

    It does seem to leave a few questions lingering, though. What genre is it? I don't know what to call it. And i'd love it if someone could I.D the frame so i can seek the correct decals and give it it's identity.
    I'll choose a more appropriate thread for that with some close-ups.

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    No idea about the frame but the genre looks familiar...

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