• 01-27-2013
    bike frame production model
    Anyone know what the typical design to production time frame is for trail worthy mountain bikes? Wondering how much a new design is tested before it goes into production. Seems like there is a lot of aluminum bike frames cracking and breaking these days.

    Link to several Taiwan company bios.
    Taiwan Bicycle Frames :B2BManufactures.com: Reliable Taiwan and China Bicycle Frames Manufacturers

  • 05-22-2013
    Most Taiwanese bicycle maker would have test machine to proceed in-plant testing based on the EN standard. Some of them could provide test report from third party org. Ex: SGS. But if they don't have the SGS testing report then I am afraid you would have to pay extra fee to get it. Or you could purchase via an agent who are good in dealing with these makers. They will manage the delivery date, shipping and after service. Well, it maybe little expensive but considering the cost of time. It seems worthy doing.