Hi all.

Looking for my first MTB and saw a 2005 Jamis Durango SX on Craig's List for $340. Talked to owner and he says it's sat in his garage it's entire life and has maybe 5 miles on it, brand new for all intents and purposes. Disk brakes and Deore compenents. He's upgraded the tires, everything else is stock. Looking online it appears to have Shimano Deore components all around.

I know that the most important thing is fit and feel and I would certainly give it a ride and take it to an LBS for adjustment and tuning. It's a 19" and that's been my size on other bikes that I've tested, so I know it will be close.

Other bikes I'm considering are a 2009 Gary Fisher Wahoo. I rode a comparable trek today and didn't like the feel as much as the Wahoo. I felt a little cramped in the cockpit. Liked the longer tube of the Fisher better.

The Wahoo will be about $500 or $600 for the disk version, and has less than or equal quality components. If, theoretically, the Jamis fits me well is there any reason to look at a newer bike, like the fisher? I'm not very familiar with Jamis, are they a reputable brand?

I'd really really appreciate any help. Thanks!!