Hey all. Thanks for your time. Ive been looking at mtbr for a while now (not as a registered user) and can see that most of you guys know a lot about mtbs. Was wondering if you all could help me decide between two bikes that im buying off of CL.

'05 GT Avalanche 1.0 ($275):

RS Judy C
Some sort of Avid Mech brakes
Suntour front
Shimano Deore rear

'08/9 (not sure which) Motobecane Fantom (possibly comp?) ($420):

RS Tora 302
J3 brakes
Shimano Deore front
Shimano XT rear

Both are supposedly in good condition, but havent looked at either personally. I want to save time by hoping the first bike I visit is good enough.

My plans are also to build on these frames part by part, so it would also be helpful if you would let me know if the frames are good in the longer run as well.

Also, I realize that many wouldn't recommend upgrading forks first, but in either case I feel that might not be too bad of an idea? Thoughts?

Much appreciated! Thanks!