Hi all,
New to this forum and quite liking it, got some good info and videos links. Anyway. I am currently quite into some hard freeride. I am currently riding a Carrera that I have modded over the years so really its only the frame that's original. Running Marzocchi mx pro, Avid Juicy etc, has done me very well so far.

I have decided I am wanting to venture to the Freeride/DH scene and have managed to pick my self up an 2003 Intense Uzzi SLX frame with shock (not sure type as yet). The frame is bare so needing to build it up. Yes I know it is not a full on DH frame but you can only work with what you got. So need some good info on the best product within responsible price to fit to the bike. Things I need info on is the best forks, rear spring (I am 6'3" and 103kg) brakes, cranks etc. Sorry but I am not a bike genus. Give me a rally car however and will strip and re-build for you

What I'm thinking -

Forks - Marzocchi Bomber 55R (May these be to ling a forks as frame is 150mm I believe)
Brakes - Avid codes (Currently on Juicy 3's on xc bike)
Cranks - 2 or 3 speed?

As for the rest of the build what is the best spec to get regarding rations etc