I'm looking at buying a 2001 Kona Explosif Scandium for about $800 with the components listed below. I'm a little concerned about the frame though as I've heard the Scandium frame is not as strong as the steel frames. I am 5'7 and weigh about 170 lbs....is this too heavy for this frame? Also, anyone have experience with the frame size....I usually go with an 18' frame (5-7 with about a 31' inseam) but I've heard with Konas I should go about an inch bigger than I'm used to.

I'm also cross-posting this in the general forum as I'm not sure how much traffic is in the forum.

Thanks for your help,

1. Sid SL Fork
2. Mavic CrossRoc UST tubeless rims
3. XTR rear derailleur
4. XT front derailleur
5. XT shifters
6. XT splined bb and crankset
7. Avid Ti brakeset
8. RaceFace stem
9. Easton MonkeyLight lowrisers