here is the deal. I don't really know if this should be in this thread or not so I apologize in advance. I have a 2001 I drive 6.0 frame that I bought last year (NOS). It didn't have a shock on it and the bike shop had a Rock Shox Bar lying around that they put on the frame when I bought it. Now, I'm not saying the bar is exactly a great rear shock but it does work for me. I love the I drive but I also have a 2005 Raleigh Inferno sitting in a box with a Fox RP3 shock on it.

What should I do? Should I build up the Inferno? What advantages would I see with it? I am sure I could keep the I drive in service in the future but right now I don't have enough parts (read front fork) to keep both in service. If I build up the inferno, will I just love it? I mainly do XC riding. Just looking at the two frames, the I drive looks like it could take more punishment. Am I wrong? I was going to keep the I drive as my go out and abuse bike and the Inferno as the XC riding/racing bike.

Thoughts? Am I crazy?