• 09-28-2012
    why is mongoose fireball 26 called a kids bike on even cycles
    i was going to get this bike but it was called a kids bike on even cycles why is it called a kids bike is this just a mistake because youtube adults use them and on other website it is not called a kids bike ? :madman:
  • 09-28-2012
    good Q. the site explains that it's a DJ bike well enough. I suspect they get more kids on that bike than adults. or maybe they recommend it for kids a lot because of the unique way that you "fit" a DJ bike would allow a kid the ability to "grow into" the bike a bit more. kinda like how BMX bikes get recommended for kids a lot of the time.
  • 09-28-2012
    May be because there's no Dirt Jump category;) Just don't sue them for misleading you.
  • 09-29-2012
    Its an entry level DJ bike, i did a bit of research for you and i dont see it as a kids bike, it seems to be a choice for riders looking to buy their first bike or looking to get into the game and not spend too much.
    Dont let the 'kids' label put you off, if you like it when you try it well happy days..cheers
  • 09-30-2012
    thanks for the reply people :)