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    Where To Buy Replacement Part?

    I broke the mounting plate attached to the rear derailleur (SRAM X.7) today and am confused where to go to replace it without buying a whole new derailleur. Not sure if it is part of the derailleur or the bike frame.

    Attached are some pictures of the broken part. It fits snugly on/in the rear of the frame near the axle and is attached with two bolts. The derailleur is attached to this part using a rear derailleur hanger bolt (looked it up). This part is NOT shown in the SRAM dealer parts manual.

    Where can I go to get this part replaced? Diamondback (the bike frame manufacturer) or SRAM? Anyone know the name of the part? Thanks for any help you can provide!
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    That part is a derailluer hanger , you might get a replacement at your LBS or at

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    That's the hanger for your RD. If it sacrificed itself and your deraileur is ok, then it did it's job well. Check the internet, or your LBS. Links like this were easy to find, you just have to match yours. http://www.webmountainbike.com/derhan.html (It was the first one that came up!)
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    Thank you both for the fast and most helpful info! And yes, now that you mention it I can see that the derailleur hanger is made of soft metal designed to break away - just like it did.

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    It is soft aluminum, and it is a frame part. Nothing to do with SRAM.

    Different frames take different hangers.

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    check ebay as well sometimes you can find them cheaper on there...thats where i got my last one...

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    I just needed to buy one for my RockHopper, and after scouring the internets, the best deal I found was at Tree Fort Bikes (cheaper than eBay even), I'd look there too.
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    Looks like a #240 to me. Pic of the other side would confirm. Might be able to get one at a LBS, but bring your broken one along so they can match it up.
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    Buy an extra one and carry it with your toolkit on rides.

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