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    I am sorry for another newb question. I am looking at getting a bike, and have narrowed it down to 2, the Trek 4300 w/ disc brakes, and the Ibex Ignition 2. My question is about the weight of the trek. Ibex says its target weight is 31lbs (without pedals), but I cant find a weight listed for the Trek. Does anyone know what it tips the scales at?? I know different options change it, I just need the stock weight as it is online. Thanks much!!


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    Trek says you need to go to the LBS & have them weigh it. They dont list the weight because of assembly line tolerances.

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    my wife has a 4300 size small, don't know what it weighs exaclty but it feels like a tank next to my fs bike, and it weighs in at about 30lbs.

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    the 4300 (2002 model) at 29.2 lb. FWIW, Jim

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