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    Want to get into downhill

    Just want to start off by saying hi.

    Im looking to get into some downhill/mountain biking. I really know nothing about the sport and want to learn all I can. Im looking into getting a bike.

    Im going to check out this bike on friday. (for all i know this guy is probably on here lol)

    What do you think? Good deal? gonna try to get it for $1100 or something like that if i decide to go with it. Also, what are somethings I should look for when checking out a used bike.

    Anything else a noob like me should know?


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    try looking on

    a lot of the downhillers hang out there. mostly 15 year old kids with parental sponsorships. i just bought a turner DHR off there for 1100.

    put some money aside to buy some good protection too. helmet, gloves, body armor (knee gaurds at the least) especially if you are new to the sport.

    all the rest is pretty much get out and ride. you can buy into what companies offer along with the latest of anything. but if you are just starting out, i say dont worry about it too much just yet.

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    well i ride that same exact bike his setup is different but as far as the frame goes, it is heavy, very very heavy. despite the weight i love the bike rides great soaks up drops and all that jazz corners great. but like i said it is heavy, i still ride it uphill but is a hell of a challenge. so if you don't have strong legs and fantastic cardio you better have another ride up the hill.
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