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Thread: Vs or Discs??

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    Vs or Discs??

    Are disc brakes so much better than Vs? Is it fashion? What are the advantages I see them in the most high performance bikes. Are there any good bikes with Vs nowadays or you can only find Vs on lower end models?

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    I just recently purchased a bike with discs (my first duallie). Some advantages that I'm aware of are:

    more reliable stopping in muddy and wet conditions
    less maintenance: they may have to be bled once a year - so other than that no adjusting cables etc.
    easy to take wheels off the bike - you don't have v's to try & disengage just slide the wheel straight out!
    depends on the model you get as to their performance - I've got low end Hayes Soles that have got some bad reviews in the past - only one ride for me so far but I don't forsee any problems, they seem to work pretty well.
    Of course they will need some adjustments as the pads wear but that's a very simple job and I've heard they can squeal like v's as well - so not really and advantage or disadvantage.
    Oh yeah supposedly superior stopping power -and yes it's better than my old alloy (specialized brand) v's.
    If you buckle your rim you still have working brakes

    However if you break the hydraulic hose I guess that would be a bit of a problem!
    One disadvantage for the racers is that they would be heavier than v brakes.

    For serious stopping power you could run both at the same time????

    I reckon it started off as "fashion' or the thing to have, but now it's more becoming the norm I guess particularly as they become more affordable.

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    Ridden with both over the years and I can say for sure that Discs are soooo much better. A few things include:
    -Greater stopping power
    -Greater brake modulation (less locking up)
    -Better clearance of the braking surface to the ground (less chance of mud and muck getting on the disc than the rim)

    Apart from serious light weight XC rigs, they all pretty much come standard now.
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    Do you ride in wet muddy conditions? Do you ride thru mud puddles and cross streams? This is where dics are far superior. After getting your rims wet and muddy vee brakes lose power, discs don't. Discs provide good stopping power even in the wettest muddiest conditions.

    If you ride in a desert than vee brakes are lighter and have great stopping power.

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    My current ride has V brakes (avid SD-Ti) and they stop incredibly well and even modulate pretty well, But I am a bigger guy and if Im making a big decent I do notice quite a bit of fade and run through pads often. This past weekend I demoed a Rocky Mtn Slayer 50 with Avid Juicy 5 discs. They offered about 20% more stopping power than my V's initially and after continuous braking there was very minimal fade and thats when I noticed a huge difference in power. They modulated very well and when I rode through muddy/wet conditions I still had power in the brakes. Also The discs were much less wear on my hands as less pressure is needed on the brake lever to acheive the same amount of stopping power with a V-brake. I would say if your main riding is fairly flat XC riding with fairly dry conditions than a V brake will be fine for you. If you need something for a wet condition or for something that will need to tackle decents and dont feel like burning through pads after 4 days out I would reccomend a Cable actuated disc brake. Something like an Avid BB7 which you can pick up for about 75 dollars/wheel. The nice thing about this is you can still use a V-Brake lever. Also avid is known for offering amazing stopping power with their cable actuated disc brakes.
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