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    Truing out a wheel............. CRAP!!

    I had a flat tire so while doing that repair I figured, hmmm let me true out my wheel.... OH GOD WHAT A MESS Ive done.

    Cant even ride my bike anymore.........

    Going to need to take it to the shop see if they can help me out hehehehe

    That's all

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    Truing a wheel takes time ,look up a you tube video .

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    As stated above it takes time, especially if you are new at it or have not trued a wheel in a while.

    It also takes small adjustments on both sides. Meaning, 1/8 turn to tighten a couple spokes on one side of the hub and 1/8 turn to loosen corresponding spokes going to the other side of the hub. Making a half to a full turn on a single spoke is the recipe for disaster.

    Once you picture that you are centering a rim around a suspended object (hub) and each movement to tighten or loosen impacts the centering in other parts of the rim it becomes easier. Just take it nice and slow.


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    I have had the best luck with just tightening spokes, not loosening them. They stretch over time due to normal riding and crashing. They are not going to get shorter!

    Just work to improve things a little. Then a little more and a little more. Take it slow and don't strive for perfection.

    Once you get it true side-to-side, and all the spokes sound tight, then check the radial true. If it is out then you can loosen some spokes a little where it is low and tighten where high.

    To get an idea how tight the spokes should be, visit your LBS and plink a few spokes on a similar wheel on a new bike and listen to the tone. Record it with your cellphone, and use that as a guide. Really, I think any wheel that is fairly new or has been professionally trued recently will be close. Worst case, compare to your other wheel.

    If you've really messed it up, start by just getting all the spokes to in-the-ballpark tension without worrying about true, then go back and true it.

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    Get a look at the YouTube videos, or look at some books on mountain bike maintenance. They all have some good chapters on wheel truing, and there's a reason-mountain biking is hell on wheels. So it's a good time, now that it's winter and such, to learn how to do this. The joke always was that spoke wrenches were sold to drive up business at the LBS. But you can do this, just like DennisiF says.

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