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    Topgun vs. Zoom fork

    Hi Everyone,

    Decided to give a generic electric bike a new home today. When I say generic, I mean this e-bike is extremely generic... not much info online. The brand is Progear and the model is Metro E80... good luck if you find any info on it.

    Anyway, I want to change the front fork because what I have on there now is on the low end of the quality scales. The bike currently has a "Topgun" 26" suspension fork. I think it might be 63mm travel as I measured the axle to crown and it's like 430mm or thereabouts. Currently doesn't bottom out but it's "soft" for my liking and lacks adjustments.

    Now being the e-bike fanatic I am, I have another e-bike, an expensive $2500 eZee Sprint which uses a ZOOM CH-141 fork. Also 430mm axle to crown and has adjustment for both "legs". Comparing this fork with my Suntour XCT on a mountain bike, it's pretty low end... doesn't bottom out but pogo stick like even compared to a low grade suntour.

    Because my fantastic generic e-bike uses old technology... it has a 1" threaded headset. Shame not 1 1/8", but the old 1" so it's made it really hard to find anything decent.

    Anyway, the store that sold my Sprint has the 1" threaded CH-141 Zoom fork in stock with the same steerer tube length as the Topgun.

    Would there be any improvement over the Top Gun fork? Or should I just not bother and leave it as is?

    Bike will be used around the city environment on hard pavement - no offroading at all.


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    I would say both of those forks are garbage and you would be better off on a rigid fork.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moefosho View Post
    I would say both of those forks are garbage and you would be better off on a rigid fork.
    I was looking into that just now. I just saw a Kona P2 from bikeman with a 1" threadless steerer and 410mm axle to crown.

    Yay or nay?

    I'll need a new threadless 1" headset, hard to find 1" spacers and also a hard to find 1" adjustable stem...

    I have a surly 1x1 rigid on my Giant and I love it. Light and nimble, total control over the front end as it's firm and responsive.

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    Hi everyone,

    Did some more research and managed to track down RST Gila T fork with 80mm travel and 1" threaded steerer 200mm in length for $80!

    Very cheap in my opinion.

    Axle to crown with RST Gila is 460mm. Stock top gun fork A-C is 435mm or thereabouts. If I put the RST fork with a 25mm longer axle to crown, does that mean my steering is more responsive and sporty?

    Any other issues I should be aware of with a 25mm longer axle to crown? Will my frame crack or anything? It's a step through bike...


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