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Thread: Tire Pressure?

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    Tire Pressure?

    Hey everyone,

    I have a 2013 Specialized Carve Comp 29er and my GF has a Specialized Myka. I was wondering what everyone recommends for tire pressure in these two bikes? Thanks in advanced..

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    You may have better luck using search. This is the type of question people tend to ignore.


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    I do not have a very good answer to this, but tire pressure depends on at least the following factors: The tire volume (fat tires can run lower pressure), your weight, the terrain and probably your driving style. I do not have a formula, but a good tire pressure is probably lower than what you'd expect.

    Studies seem to show that a lower tire pressure does not impact rolling resistance as much as you'd think. Some people recommend going lower until you experience pinch punctures from hitting rocks/curbs, and then going a bit above that.

    Jeff recommended using the search function, there are many threads (and opinions!) on this topic

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    It is up to you to try and find the right pressure for your riding type. Just experiment. If you get a pinched flat it means the pressure was to low.
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    I don't know. Figure it out. Start with the minimum pressure on the tire sidewall, and experiment from there. Try about 5 psi at a time.
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    From Wheels and Tires: Sticky: Tire pressure for all around XC riding? Generally, the lowest pressure you can get away with without pinch flatting is a good target. Depending on the tire and the rim width, low pressures can lead to a feeling of the tire "folding under" on hard turns. Experiment around and see what feels best.

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