1. The most important thing about buying a new bike is to make sure it fits. The only way you'll know if the bike is right for you is to size up the bike and make sure that the bike's geometry matches your body's geometry. Ask questions and do some research.
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2. If possible, try to find a shop that will let you demo the bike on real dirt. Five minutes in a parking lot won't cut it. You wouldn't buy a car without a real world test drive, and a bike should be no different.
3. Don't belive the hype. Just because your favorite rider or best friend rides a certain bike, that doesn't mean that's the best one for you. Have an open mind and be realistic about your needs and ability.
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    Strava vs Cyclemeter

    For the past year i've been using cycle meter to track my distances, stats, maps, ect.
    Everyone else I know uses Strava, and I feel like I would feel more connected, being able to see and compete with other peoples stats if I used Strava.
    What are your thoughts on the pros and cons of each, and is there a way to transfer my stats/maps/times from cyclemeter to strava?

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    Iv'e used both ,I think that the meters are more accurate. Strava seems to over estimate the footie's .

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    Can you download your tracks from Cyclemeter? Or, do you still have them somewhere? Strava lets you do bulk uploads.

    You could also just start using it and see if you like it. Don't sweat the transfer unless it clicks for you. It's free unless you feel like paying for the premium features. I don't think they're a big deal, though I might feel differently if I had a power meter.
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    Strava vs Cyclemeter

    Strava had been the most accurate for me. I tried a couple other apps and it seemed they always lost connection, wore down the battery, or were not very accurate. I use Strava more to challenge myself and to keep track of mileage.
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    I use both, usually simultaneously. I like cyclometer because it tracks the whole ride. Strava focuses mainly on short segments. I don't really use Strava to compete, but rather to give me a feel for how other riders are riding on bits of a trail. Just because someone is faster, that doesnt make them better. It could be they are just less risk-adverse. But, you still get a bit of a feel.

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    I logged my first MTB ride on Strava, but since I have been using it on the road, I can see how people can easily transform into Stravatards.

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