Just bought a new FS trail/xc bike online. Got it a couple of days ago and put it together. I took it in to my lbs to be safe and to have a computer put on. Out of the box the front disc calipers were rubbing the disc.(one of them anyway) I tried to adjust it with no luck. I had the lbs adjust that and set up the sag and pressure in the shocks. I love the bike but its got some kinks. The front caliper is still rubbing slightly. I thought that would have been an easy fix, but I'm not that knowledgeable. There is a squeak that appears to be coming from around the bottom bracket area. Its not on every stroke, and is intermitant to some degree. I lubed the chain and new pedals also with no luck. Lastly the Marzocci fork seems to be only travelling a couple of inches at most. And the rebound adjustment doesn't seem to do anything. It feels nowhere near as plush as the back. It was set at 75psi. Sorry for the long post but any help is appreciated. I'm 5' 8", 170lbs, riding a medium 18" BMC Trailfox 02 if that helps.