• 03-22-2013
    specialized camber comp 2013 or??
    hi all

    my first post!

    im new to all this so here up! ive been looking at the specialized camber comp and what to know peoples views on it and if there is an alternative bike out there that i should also look at?

    ive read the reviews and to be honest they are all in compertition with one another so i dont think ill get better for my money but would like to know if you all think the same. i like the new 29 wheels and rear auto sag shock.

    im 6ft 3.5 inches tall and about 16 stone. hoping to loose a few pounds for my wedding in august.:thumbsup:

    thanks for comments

  • 03-22-2013
    Hmm other brands include the Giant trance range, trek and a host of small companies. My advice is if you can try and get some of these bikes and take them for a ride and find the bike that suits you best as each bike design is slightly different and often people try one brand, then try another and find the second brand feels more comfortable or better to ride.
  • 03-22-2013
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    For a first bike you may wish to try a 29er hardtail. It can be much lighter than 28.5lbs for a Camber, very responsive and make a good platform for skill development. At 224 you can choose any model. I would look at the Grand Canyon CF SLX 8.9 for a new design with some good race results in the TransAlp multi-day and Leadville 100 enduro.
    Canyon | Mountainbikes | Grand Canyon CF SLX 29 8.9