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    Seatpost sliding down :(

    As the title seat is sliding down slowly as I ride.

    I have the quick release tight as I can get it. Being a 195lb 25yo male, I have had it so tight that I shake pushing the lever in and it still slides around.

    Any suggestions short of buying a new stem?
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    Coat the seatpost in dirt.

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    Iv heard the dirt idea, Iv heard sanding the post to roughen it up or you may have to get a new and better seatpost clamp

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    LBS maybe? maybe replace the seat tube caliper (w.e its called) with a hex key version? those seem to handle up better
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    Don't push the quick release lever all the way to the seat tube. It's actually at its maximum tightness just a bit shy of completely "closed".

    and +1 on the dirt.
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