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    Just love bikes
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    Just love bikes except for 10 speeds( dont like those skinny tires)

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    I would buy instore. At least you get to feel it in person as compared to purchasing online.

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    Every butt likes a different saddle. One butts comfort is another butts pain (in the ass). Looks a bit too much padded for my taste, but that's again individual. If you're in a need of a new saddle, or you don't like your current one go ahead and try it out.

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    It all depends on how you use the bike. For $14 it is hardly going to break the bank.

    Many of us who spend long days day after day in the saddle swear by the Brooks B17 standard.
    But then your talking $140 not $14.

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    It has the same shape as the pricier F:izik Aliante....but much firmer padding. No bueno, for me....
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    I've gone through a lot of saddles by just buying them online and none of them were really that cheap. I've bought Gobis that cost me well over $100 and saddles in that $40. I finally got to get into a store and feel a few of them and ended up with my current saddle that I love. I would go into a store and check them out.

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    One of my favorite saddles is the charge spoon. Its 20-30 bucks depending on whos got it on sale at the moment. Its shockingly good for the price. Its built like a higher end saddle, so its very firm. Its a decently well known great seat for cheap, lots of riders are happy on it. Its not very heavy either.

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