Beginner replacing rear hub bearings for the first time and I have problems doing that.

I am not excactly sure which Joytech model my hubs are.

This is what I have done so far:

1. Remove the wheel from the bike
2. Remove the cassette from the hub
3. With two 5mm allen keys I removed cap from another side of the axle
4. After that with 5mm and 10mm allen keys I removed the another cap.

Now I can just see the axle and freehub. I can fit 10mm allen key for both end of axle if I want, but I dont see that having any benefit.

Problem is that I cannot pull the freehub body out. I assume that I should be able to do that without any major force after removing caps. What is my problem?

The hub and job looks very similar to this until 1:20 or so.. But just cannot remove the freewheel body.

Novatec SPEEDY v2 - Shim9 to Campy - YouTube

Should I be able to pull it, twist it or something else?