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    Pyro's Intoduction Post

    Well, this is my second post, but since I feel like I have to introduce myself to every new community I find myself in, I figured I'd augment the first one a little into a honest "intro post".

    Obviously I'm brand new to the forums, to Marin bikes, and sort of new to the world of cycling in general. I'm a newb all around, though I have done some cycling in the past... As a kid I tore up my fair share of department store bikes, as I loved to ride. As a teen, I destroyed my dad's Diamondback and ultimately purchased my first bike of my own.. Which was a frankenstein mash-up of leftover parts that the nearest LBS owner threw together and sold me for the low, low cost of $100. Indeed, it was much better than all my other bikes (I believe it was a MOTIV frame or some weird name like that?). Anyhow, it was my main method of transportation to school and around town.

    Fast forward 4ish years: I haven't ridden a bike in over 3.5yrs, and I'm 270lbs and in need of some serious exercise. So I get my stimulus check in the mail and do the smart thing.. Head to the only LBS in town (Classcycle in Novato) and buy what I could afford. Thus, I acquired my first true LBS-bought mountain bike, a 2008 Marin Bolinas Ridge:

    Entry-level it may be, but I love it, and since I bought it on the 12th, I've driven my car all of twice. Once was up a steep hill to a friend's house because I'm not awesome enough to ride my bike up it quite yet. Twice was to bring a friend home who rode her bike and wasn't prepared for the big temperature drop (It was over 70*F in the early noon hours and then for some reason dropped to 50*F? With drizzle? WTF?) I did kind of feel dirty for driving the car though <.< I much prefer the bike. Yay for infinity miles to the gallon

    As seen in the picture, I've added a headlight and a taillight, as well as a lock. On Friday, I bought a Protege 9.0 bike computer, which I think is soooo cool =D Found out it was 2.4miles to get from my friend's house to home, and I did it averaging 15ish mph. Heck if I know if that's good or not, but it's cool being able to see it! I felt spiffy on Saturday.. Was goin' downhill and decided to pump the pedals hard... Hit 32.2mph!

    I'm sure I'll heave to upgrade stuff on it (Or even get a higher end bike) in the future, as at 6'2" and 270, I am far into the Clydesdale category <.<

    Anyhow, I'm here, scouring the forums for advice and new information, as well as stories and experiences. Hopefully I'll get in shape soon enough to start hitting trails hard, because I'm really excited to give that a try. For now, I just commute to work and back, and ride roughly 10 miles a day.

    Thanks for reading my ramblings! Now, I'll return to lurking these forums
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    Hey! Congrats.. It looks a nice bike, but you already bent the top tube!!!!!

    Just kidding, it looks pretty good for an entry level bike. I'm also 230lbs, and riding is awesome!

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    Hey, thanks for the kind words!

    Still lovin' the bike!

    Hopefully in a matter of months I'll be able to claim 230 as my weight

    EDIT: Recent research has shown me that indeed, MOTIV was the brand of the frame that was the heart of my frankenstein bike. Apparently they're just a mass-market brand sold at Costco. Ah well, mine is still the only MOTIV I've seen in the real world XDDD
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