1. The most important thing about buying a new bike is to make sure it fits. The only way you'll know if the bike is right for you is to size up the bike and make sure that the bike's geometry matches your body's geometry. Ask questions and do some research.
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2. If possible, try to find a shop that will let you demo the bike on real dirt. Five minutes in a parking lot won't cut it. You wouldn't buy a car without a real world test drive, and a bike should be no different.
3. Don't belive the hype. Just because your favorite rider or best friend rides a certain bike, that doesn't mean that's the best one for you. Have an open mind and be realistic about your needs and ability.
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    Which parts for a AM/FR hardtail build (NS Surge frame)?

    Hi all! I would like some advice for selecting parts for a AM/FR hardtail build. I want to use it for AM/FR and occasional dirt jump. I have already bought a NS Surge frame. I chose a hardtail to keep the price down, have less parts that need servicing, and seems suitable for the Belgium/Germany/UK hills where it will be ridden.

    Weight should be around 30~35lbs (14~16kg) max. Budget including frame is around $2000 (1500). I would like to spend money on parts that affect the ride (and safety) such as fork, drivetrain, wheels, breaks, save some money on the rest, and buy used if possible. I'd rather not buy cheaper parts in cases where cheaper also means it needs replacement more often. I have only ridden some XC, so I am not so sure of some choices and combinations of parts for this type of bike.

    frame (already bought): NS Surge medium size, a 6lbs (2.7kg) chromo hardtail. I am m 6.3'' (1.92m) tall so the frame might be a bit cramped, but since it will be mainly for going downhill we'll see.

    fork (frame has a 1 1/8" headset):
    - single crown
    - suitable for AM/FR
    - travel 150-160mm travel, or 170mm travel that can be lowered to 150mm. Don't need on-the-fly travel switching.
    - easy to service and find parts for.
    - not too heavy 4.5~5 lbs (2~2.2 kg)
    - good adjustability for compression and rebound
    - not sure if I need 20 or 15 mm axle versions

    I am thinking of the following options
    - Rockshox Lyrik rc2DH
    - Rockshox Lyrik Solo Air with floodgate removed. Would this be similar to the rc2DH?
    - Marzocci 55CR
    - X-Fusion Vengeance HLR

    Not sure if I want air or coil version of the Lyrik. I like the lower weight of the air, and I assume adjusting travel is easier than coil? I read that downsides of air are progressive of travel and needing more maintenance and tweaking. I haven't really looked into the Fox forks so far.

    It appears to me that 1 1/8" standard is being replaced by tapered headsets, so I'd rather buy used than having an expensive new 1 1/8" fork that I can't resell in a few years.

    headset (frame has 'standard press-fit 1.125, 1-1/8 A-head') : FSA/Hope/Chris King? Are there any specific things to look out for?

    stem (0 degree rise, short/medium length): NS bikes Quark Pro

    handlebar (31.8mm clamp size):
    something similar to the Chromag Fubar OSX dimensions ( 5 upsweep, 8 backsweep, 1'' rise, 30'' wide) but cheaper ?

    grips: ODI Rogue Lock-On Grip (130mm)

    wheelset (32 spokes, 3cross lacing): mavic EX721 or + hope II pro, prebuilt from Superstar or save some money with Superstar switch hub. Also Superstar has prebuilt wheels Stans Flow rims. The possibility of notubes seems appealing but I've read mixed experiences about how well the rims hold up for downhill.

    rear axle (frame supports 'O.L.D 135 x 10mm') : DT RWS 135mm x 10mm thru or Superstar 10mm Rear QR Through Axle

    tyres: Maxxis Minion exo 2.5, single ply front, dual ply back

    cranks (175mm): Shimano XTR/Truvativ Hussefelt?

    chain device: e13 TRS/SRS depending on whether I choose dual / single ring

    chainring set (frame supports 38tmax): 22/36t, 24/36t ring or single 36t ring. I'm not sure how much climbing I want to do, so I may switch to single ring. Brands?

    cassette: 10spd 11-36t cassette. SRAM X7/X9/X0?

    breaks (hydraulic): Avid Elixir1/X0?

    medium cage rear, 10spd, front derailleur, SRAM X7/X9/X0? What is a good price-performance balance?

    Superstar nano tech

    bottom bracket (frame has euro bb 73mm with ISCG-05 mounts): Superstar

    disc rotors (8" front, 6" rear): Superstar ? How useful/necessary is a 'floating' type rotor?


    seatclamp: Superstar

    seatpost (frame has 27.2mm diameter): I'd like a long seatpost for the sitting down bits. So Thomson 410mm or Superstar layback 400mm.

    other (chain/cables/breakpads/chainprotector/..): whatever I can find cheap.
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    Looks like a good parts list but I don't know if you can keep it in your budget. Fork alone would cost you pretty pennies. Unless you are a SRAM fan you can go with Shimano SLX or XT including brake they are pretty good definitely better than Avid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mimi1885 View Post
    Looks like a good parts list but I don't know if you can keep it in your budget. Fork alone would cost you pretty pennies. Unless you are a SRAM fan you can go with Shimano SLX or XT including brake they are pretty good definitely better than Avid.
    The fork will probably be 2nd hand or closeout sale.

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    SLX brakes. XT cassette for the carrier. Check prices at bikecomponents.de They also list XT brakes with the longer trail levers at a good price. I'd also go SLX rear derailleur for new clutch type. XT shifters.

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